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Articles Comments » Farm Dreams » Farm Hand – Day One

Farm Hand – Day One

Farmer Meg

Since I have been having “Farm Dreams” I thought it might be a good idea to spend some time actually farming. Through a set of divine circumstances, I met Meg Runyan of Wild Goose Farm. Meg farms close to 3 acres as part of the incubator farm program (yes, hatching future farmers!) through the Farm Business Development Center at Prairie Crossing, a Conservation Community in Grayslake, IL. Wild Goose Farm is certified organic and Meg grows for both the Libertyville Farmer’s Market and boxes for her CSA customers.

I emailed Meg to see if I could spend several days on the farm doing whatever chores would help out. Who could pass up free labor? At first I thought I would take one day of vacation on one week and then another day on the following week. But somehow that seemed too wimpy. I needed to see what it would be like to work several days in a row. True, I am a Master Gardener and used to gardening – but this was FARMING. That must be different.

Meg said that the day started at 7am which was moved back from 6am because of the shortening daylight hours. That meant I didn’t need to leave at 5 to get there, which was a good thing.

Here’s what we did on Day One!

  • Harvested kale, leeks, radishes, lettuces, celeriac, beets, peppers.
  • Washed the field dirt off the harvest, packed the cool, clean veggies in crates and stacked and covered them in the cooler.
  • Placed row cover on a newly planted bed and repositioned irrigation.

Harvesting Kale

Michelle and a Bunch of Onions



Washing celeriac


Meg does not farm alone so I shared my experience with her seasonal worker Michelle and Meg’s mom, Lana. It was great fun!

The Crew - Cheryl, Lana, Meg, Michelle








Take-Aways from the day?

  • Much like gardening, only on a much bigger scale.
  • Must grow Carmen peppers next year.
  • Yikes, guess those muscles in my back that I just used to pull leeks from the soil haven’t been used in a while.
  • Can’t wait to come back tomorrow!!

Written by CherylB

Filed under: Farm Dreams

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