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Farm Dreams

I don’t know when I actually decided that I wanted to farm. But, I do know a few times in my life when it wasn’t. It wasn’t when I was about 7 and went down with my family to visit a buddy of my dad’s from the Marine Corps who lived with his family on a farm in Missouri. While I enjoyed playing in the hayloft with the other kids, I welcomed being back home in my apartment in Chicago at vacation’s end.  And it wasn’t many, many years later when I was part of a garden ministry at my church and one of the women I was serving with brought all her cabbage and broccoli seedlings along with her straw hat, gloves and tools to start the garden in the spring and exclaimed it was just the farmer in her.  I knew I wanted to learn about how to grow plants from her as she was a Master Gardener but never ever saw myself as having a farmer within.
I do know that I have always enjoyed nature and at some age developed a longing for pastoral settings.  It really began to sink in about 10 years ago. We would visit my sister-in-law’s family in Green Bay WI. Mary and Buzz lived on 5 acres just outside of town. Buzz had a small garden by the house, but most of their land was simply grown for hay that a neighbor harvested. It was quiet and peaceful and I liked it.
Recently my growing love of growing veggies  met up with my growing love for a peaceful plot of land – voila! Farm Dreams!!!
So, I have been on a journey to discover and dream.  It has taken some interesting turns and I have met some interesting folks. Join me and see what I discover along the way and how my dream unfolds.

Written by CherylB

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